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The Ultimate Guide to Thriving in the 2023 Darts Products Market

The Market Landscape

Darts is no longer just a pub game; it has evolved into a professional sport and a booming market. The darts products industry has been experiencing phenomenal growth, and whether you’re a novice, a seasoned player, or an entrepreneur looking to invest, the opportunities are endless.

Why This Guide?

The internet is awash with information, but sifting through to find reliable, actionable insights can be overwhelming. This guide serves as your one-stop-shop for everything related to darts products. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can focus on hitting the bullseye.

Quick Overview of Darts Products

When we talk about darts products, we mean a broad spectrum of items – from the darts themselves to the boards and even storage cases. Understanding each element can vastly improve both your game and your business prospects.

A Brief History of Darts


The game of darts dates back to medieval England. Initially used as a military exercise, it gradually transformed into a leisure activity. Soldiers would throw spearheads at barrels to hone their skills, and as the game evolved, so did the equipment.


From spearheads and barrels, we’ve moved to sleek tungsten darts and sisal dart boards. The equipment has undergone significant changes over the years, driven by technological advancements and a better understanding of aerodynamics.


There have been several pivotal moments in the history of darts. The formation of the British Darts Organization in 1973, the first World Professional Championship in 1978, and the advent of electronic dart boards in the 1990s are just a few that come to mind.

Types of Darts Products

Steel Tip Darts

Preferred by professionals and ideal for sisal boards, steel tip darts are what most people envision when they think of “darts.” Made of materials like tungsten for precision and durability, these are the go-to for serious players.

Soft Tip Darts

Ideal for electronic dart boards, soft tip darts are perfect for both casual play and beginners. They’re generally safer and work well for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Dart Boards

From the traditional bristle boards to the modern electronic variants, dart boards come in multiple forms. Your choice of board can significantly affect your game, so choose wisely.


Think flights, shafts, and even scoreboards. These are the unsung heroes of any darts setup, providing customization and adding a personal flair to the game.

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